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We are a dedicated group of peer recovery coaches with one mission: 

Finding freedom for the hundreds of other women in Columbus who are trapped on the streets by addiction, homelessness and mental health issues.

Because when you help a woman achieve sobriety and stability, you help build healthier families, safer neighborhoods and you help Columbus thrive.

Addiction can entrap a woman of any age, race or Columbus neighborhood into homelessness, hunger and human trafficking.
Only by addressing the root causes of addiction like untreated mental disorders and low self-esteem can true and lasting recovery is reached.
Every woman on earth deserves safety, dignity and love.
When you help a woman achieve sobriety and stability, you help build healthier families, safer neighborhoods, and you help Columbus thrive.

Until I found my purpose, I felt like I was nothing. 
I'm Khaleeqa, founder of Life Beyond the Streets.

For the first twelve years of my life, I was abused sexually by family friends, preachers, teachers—people who were supposed to protect me and be trustworthy. After my first voluntary sexual encounter at thirteen, I became pregnant and was forced to give up my baby girl. During this time my only brother—a bright light in my life—was murdered.  

At 15, I was homeless, hungry and addicted to drugs. I traded degrading sexual favors for shelter and food. One day I looked in the mirror and saw a demon in my reflection and a customer took me to Children’s Hospital. I got clean, went to college and spent the next four years drug-free.  

Then I met the wrong guy. He encouraged me to try crack cocaine “just once.” Just once was all it took. Instantly addicted, I ended up on the street. I learned how to prostitute myself to get money for drugs. That’s all I did every day, all day. It’s easy when you’re numb.
After seven long years walking the streets without food, hope or a place to rest my head, I grew tired of hurting. Tired of being hungry. Tired of jumping in and out of cars, degrading myself, feeling like I was worthless, that no one loved me and that I had nowhere to go.
One day, I prayed to God. “Please give me a reason to live.” And a few weeks later, he gave me a baby boy. With a heart full of purpose and love, I reached out for help, found support and started treatment for PTSD. I got back on my feet and became a sober and stable mom.
Wanting to pay my joy and gratitude forward, I founded Life Beyond the Streets.  

Now my life’s work, along with raising my wonderful son, is spending every waking moment doing whatever humanly possible to help the hundreds of women who are trapped in that degrading and dangerous life.
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Our Symbol: The Hummingbird

A small but powerful bird of brilliant and diverse colors, the hummingbird is a symbol of hope and positive energy.

Although it looks delicate, this tiny creature has astounding strength that allows it to find stability in the most turbulent, windy conditions.

Hummingbirds are pollinators…spreading love for the greater good.

The hummingbird is only found amidst the beauty of gardens and soft green spaces…beyond the concrete hardness of the streets.

We Believe/Know

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