Hundreds of women in Columbus are trapped on the streets.

Life Beyond the Streets is a faith-based non-profit group of peer recovery coaches with intimate knowledge of how addiction, homelessness and mental health issues entrap women who are vulnerable and alone.

It’s our promise and our mission to help women find the freedom of recovery.

To break free of a life of sex trafficking, prostitution, homelessness and danger to find sobriety, stability and security. We are uniquely equipped to do this.  Because we are living success stories… starting with our founder, Khaleeqa Sadiika.


Our drop-in center

For the dozens of women who come to the center each month, we provide a safe place where they can clean up, get a hot meal and free clothes and other essentials. 


This is where we offer peer counseling and coordination of services--the opportunity to be  referred to proper professional resources such as detox centers rehabilitation centers, mental health services etc.


We spark hope in each woman to see herself in a positive way, to feel cared about and to begin to envision having the security, dignity and love every woman deserves. We plant the seeds of possibility. God waters them.

Spark of Hope Center 

1372 Loretta Ave. 

Columbus Ohio 43211
Monday, Wednesday & Fridays 5–7 PM


Saturday Street Ministries

3- 5 pm

(volunteers needed)


Our Love Bags make a difference



Love Lunch Bags served





Stay Safe Love Bags distributed



Women given help and hope at our drop-in center


Donate a Love Bag...or two!

With your support, more women will find a free and love-filled life. We provide three different Love Bags:


Because she deserves a nice balanced meal.

Street essentials

We give her hope with toiletries, items to keep her warm and safe.

Treatment center 

We coordinate access to treatment and help her see her potential to rewrite her story with a care package to get her started.

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