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You think you know me?


You don’t know me.

     I’m 14
     I’m 60

I’m white

I grew up on the poor side
     in the suburbs
     a Columbus neighborhood.

Chances are I was abused
     as a child.

Or just felt unloved.

I don’t choose to sell my body.

I don’t choose to walk
     and walk
     the streets for days
     without sleep

To be homeless

Every day while you go to work
     to school
     to the grocery store.

I face the chance of rape
     losing my life.

My addiction holds me here.

And I don’t have the strength
     don’t deserve
     I can’t
     break free.


At Life Beyond the Streets, we do know this woman.

     Because we were this woman.

Now we are a dedicated group of peer recovery coaches
with one mission:

Finding freedom for women trapped in a dangerous life on the streets by addiction, homelessness and mental health issues.


We know.

     How she feels.

     What she faces.

     How to help.

We walk where she walks, offering 24/7 respect and kindness.

     A lunch.

We give her a safe place to rest.

     Clean up.

     Get clothes.

We coordinate services and access to treatment she needs for the root causes of her addiction. 

We share the hope of our own stories and help her see her potential to rewrite her own.

And when she’s ready, we offer a place to start.

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